Rodeo Schedule and Information

Rodeos are scheduled through-out Indiana as well as adjoining states of Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan. Participants who qualify for the National High School Rodeo Finals will participate in Gillette, Wyoming in 2016. Please see the Membership page for details concerning sign-up and fees. You must be a competing member of the IHSRA and/or NHSRA to enter an IHSRA Rodeo listed on this schedule.


IHSRA Events Schedule:


2015/2016 Rodeo Season Dates: Rodeo Name & Location:
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29 & 30

Hancock County

Greenfield, IN

Hancock Cty HS Entry Form

Hancock Cty JRHS Entry Form

This is for Parents Also

Event Work Schedule

Greenfield Day 1 pg 1

Greenfield Day 1 pg 2

Greenfield Day 1 pg 3

Greenfield Day 2 pg 1

Greenfield Day 2 pg 2

Greenfield Day 2 pg 3


26 & 27

Heritage Park

Lanesville, IN


Lanesville HS Entry Form 2015




Nov. 1

Bowling Green , KY






















   * There will be 3 cuttings in the spring and a cutting state finals which may or may not coincide with our state finals.